Hahnenklee-Bockswiese and surroundings


A variety of leisure activities await you in Hahnenklee and the surrounding area. Enjoy extensive hikes and bike tours through the beautiful Harz landscape, explore the historic town of Goslar with its incredibly beautiful and quaint old town or experience the thrill of a ride on the BocksBergBob.

Whether you are looking for relaxation in nature or adventure and activity – there is something for everyone in our range of Harz activities.


Pure adrenaline!

Start your adventure at the top of the Bocksberg and whizz down the slope on the BocksBergBob. After a short introduction by the staff and an information video, you are ready for the ride. Fasten your seatbelt and experience fast bends and the impressive roundabout. During the 1,250 metre descent, you can enjoy the view and experience the adrenaline rush at full throttle. An automatic system takes you back to the top after the ride. Don’t miss out on your souvenir photo, which is taken during the ride.

Rathausstrasse 6
38644 Hahnenklee-Bockswiese


Your mountain bike adventure in the Harz Mountains

The Hahnenklee bike park is a real paradise for mountain bike enthusiasts.

The chairlift, which also transports your mountain bike to the top, takes you up in a relaxed manner.

Once at the top, the park offers you various descents and a variety of routes for different skill levels, from beginners to experienced riders. The mixture of technical challenges and the natural conditions of the Harz Mountains will get your adrenaline pumping

Experience fast descents, small and large jumps, challenging climbs and breathtaking views – a must for every mountain biker. The bike park is open from the beginning of March to around the end of October. Weather permitting, it is also open in winter.

Rathausstr. 6

8644 Hahnenklee-Bockswiese


Wellness spa in Altenau in the Harz Mountains

The Kristall Wohlfühltherme “Heißer Brocken” spa is enthroned on the Glockenberg in Altenau and offers you a marvellous view of nature. Here, where you can feel the interplay of warmth, water, aromas and plants, you can embark on an inner journey and indulge in the soothing bathing and sweating rituals.
Leave the stress of everyday life behind you, recharge your batteries and feel the gentle vibrations that contribute to a decelerated existence. A step back to nature and its healing powers.


Experience the Harz Mountains from a bird’s eye view

Imagine gliding over the ski slope at a height of eight metres – that’s the Zipline Adventure Bocksberg.

This experience offers you the opportunity to discover Hahnenklee from above in a completely new and exciting way. Suitable for the whole family, you zigzag down the mountain on a zipline.

An adventure you won’t soon forget.

38644 Hahnenklee-Bockswiese


A journey through time into the history of mining

The Rammelsberg World Heritage Museum & Visitor Mine is an impressive testimony to the history of mining in the Harz Mountains.

During a visit, you have the opportunity to gain deep insights into centuries-old mining and experience the work of the miners up close. Whether on an exciting underground tour or in the historic buildings of the museum – the Rammelsberg Museum & Visitor Mine offers insights into the fascinating world of mining.

Let yourself be enchanted by the history and culture of the Harz Mountains.

Bergtal 19
38640 Goslar


Swimming, boating, stand-up paddling and more

In the Kuttelbach pond, you can not only swim, but also glide across the water as you please. Pedal boats, water trikes and boats are available for hire during the season.

You will find your contact person for boat hire in the café, located directly on the banks of the Kuttelbach pond. And for cosy summer evenings, there is a barbecue hut for hire, which can also be booked through the café.

In winter, when it is frozen and open, this pond is of course ideal for ice skating.

Kuttelbacher Teich in Hahnenklee
Hahnenkleer Straße 1a
38644 Hahnenklee


A water adventure for young and old in Jerstedt

Stand-up paddling – trendy fun for young and old. An ideal outdoor adventure for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Hire your stand-up paddle board in Goslar and discover the beauty of the Harz Mountains and the region from the water!

Enjoy a break from everyday life, be inspired by the nature and activities around Goslar and fall in love with the Harz Mountains.

Am Sportplatz 11
38644 Goslar-Jerstedt


Outdoor activities in a class of their own

The Rappbode dam holds back huge volumes of water. This 106 metre high dam stretches over a length of 415 metres, making it the largest structure of its kind in Germany. Outdoor activities in a class of their own await you at the Rappbode dam:

Megazipline: Europe’s only double rope slide across the Rappbode valley.
Wallrunning You run down the 39 metre high observation tower (secured by ropes).
Gigaswing: Free fall 75 metres below the longest suspension bridge.
Ultrashot: Let yourself be catapulted 39 metres into the air in the “Solitaire” observation tower.

38889 Stadt Oberharz am Brocken


Hiking through the northern Harz Mountains

The Oker valley meanders from Altenau in the Upper Harz to the Harz foreland, but it is the area between the Oker dam and the Goslar district of Oker that has a very special attraction. Over millions of years, the Oker has dug more than 350 metres deep into the rock here, resulting in steep, fascinating cliffs, some of which are surrounded by dense forest. Hikers here feel a deep sense of awe in the face of this landscape, which can only be experienced in such a varied and exciting way in a few places in the Harz Mountains.

The climbing rocks attract daredevils who take on the challenge of conquering steep walls, while below them the Oker rushes through the valley in its natural, rocky riverbed with an impressive current.

Chalet comfort, nature & culinary delights combined

Experience the interplay of luxuriously furnished houses in a wonderful, natural environment with a wide range of leisure activities. Enjoy culinary delicacies and let yourself be pampered.

Our chalets

Our charming vacation chalets in the heart of Hahnenklee offer you the ideal place to relax, surrounded by the pure beauty of nature in the Harz Mountains. Take the opportunity to slow down with us!


The nature in Hahnenklee, with its lush forests, picturesque hiking trails, clear ponds and lakes, is a true paradise for all nature and outdoor lovers. You too can enjoy this idyll!


From rustic inns serving traditional Harz cuisine to modern restaurants with international delicacies. The surrounding gastronomy scene offers a wide range of options.