Hahnenklee-Bockswiese and surroundings


Hahnenklee-Bockswiese shines with wonderful hiking trails and great bike trails. Discover forests, lakes and hills, explore the popular Liebesbankweg trail or venture up to the Brocken, the highest point in the Harz at 1141.2m.

Enjoy spectacular panoramas and the diverse nature of the Harz Mountains.


Between forests and water

The hike from Kuttelbacher to Grumbacher Teich in Hahnenklee-Bockswiese is a wonderful route through the picturesque Harz landscape. The trail leads you through lush forests and along rustic streams until you finally reach the idyllic Grumbach pond. Here you can take a break and enjoy nature. This hike is particularly attractive due to its varied landscapes and the peace and quiet you will find along the way. A real gem for nature lovers, dotted with smaller waterfalls.

Length: 7.01km
Walking time: 01:52h
Demand: medium


Forest idyll and magnificent views

The Bocksberg circular hike, including the Schalker viewing tower, is an unforgettable tour in Hahnenklee-Bockswiese. Starting at the foot of the Bocksberg, the trail leads through beautiful forest landscapes and up to spectacular viewpoints.

The Schalker observation tower, a highlight of the hike, offers a magnificent view of the Brocken and over large parts of the Harz Mountains. Whether you enjoy the tranquillity of nature or are an adventurous hiker, this circular hike will inspire you.

Length: 19.19km
Walking time: 05:30h
Demand: medium


Enchanting nature and historical traces

Hike along the Hexenbankweg, a charming route in Hahnenklee where you follow in the footsteps of the legends and myths of this region.

This trail takes you through dense forests and along numerous streams, while you can take a break on the mystical ‘witches’ benches’ scattered along the route. The Hexenbank Trail offers a magical blend of nature, history and folklore – a perfect adventure for hikers of all ages and experience levels.

Length: 7.61km
Walking time: 02:11h
Demand: medium


Nature experience and technical heritage

Experience the fascination of the Upper Harz Water Regal on the circular hike from Hahnenklee to the Upper Harz ponds near Clausthal-Zellerfeld. This wonderful route takes you through picturesque landscapes and along historic water management facilities that were once used for silver and copper mining. The idyllic ponds and extensive forests offer an impressive natural spectacle, while at the same time you discover evidence of the Harz’s technical heritage. A hike that offers both relaxation in nature and exciting insights into the history of the region.

Length: 10.71km
Walking time: 02:44h
Demand: medium


Natural beauty meets historical charm

Discover the natural and historical highlights of the Harz region on this hike. Starting in Hahnenklee, the trail takes you over the Bocksberg with its impressive panoramic views and along the picturesque Old Harz Road.

Your hike ends in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Goslar, where you can feel the centuries-old history of the region in the winding alleyways and magnificent half-timbered houses. This hiking trail offers the perfect combination of nature enjoyment and cultural discovery: Hiking in the Harz Mountains is simply great fun!

When your legs are no longer able to carry you, you can then take the bus back.

Length: 8.86km
Walking time: 02:19h
Demand: medium


Hiking with heart in the Harz Mountains

The Liebesbank Trail in Hahnenklee is much more than just a hiking trail in the Harz Mountains. A unique combination of nature experience and love story awaits you on a route of around seven kilometers.

Along the way, you will find lovingly designed rest areas, artistic woodwork and even an open-air chapel. The Liebesbank Trail is the perfect place for romantic walks, family outings and, of course, for anyone who wants to enjoy the wonderful nature while hiking in the Harz Mountains with love in their hearts.


Hiking in the Harz Mountains! From nature lover to hiking king.

Hiking in the Harz Mountains! From nature lover to hiking king.

Are you enthusiastic about hiking or cycling and looking for mountain landscapes and nature on vacation? Then explore the Harz Mountains, the northernmost low mountain range in Germany, and strive for the title of Harz “Hiking King” or even “Hiking Emperor”. Immerse yourself in untouched nature and collect your own “Harz hiking pin” on one of the numerous hiking trails in the Harz Mountains.


Discovery tours in the Harz Mountains

Discovery tours in the Harz Mountains

Hahnenklee, nestled in the Harz Mountains, offers hikers an impressive variety.

The paths meander through dense forests, along babbling brooks and offer spectacular views.

A must is of course the ascent to the Bocksberg, from where you have a sweeping view over the region. The stave church trail leads to the impressive wooden stave church, a historical highlight in Hahnenklee.

Family-friendly adventure trails with informative boards make hiking educational and entertaining. In Hahnenklee and the neighboring forests, there is a suitable trail for every hiker, whether beginner or professional. Lace up your hiking boots and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature.


Plan your next nature experience

Waterfalls fascinate with their natural beauty.

There are several of these natural wonders in Hahnenklee and the Harz Mountains. To help you decide which one you would like to visit first on your next trip, we have put together a small overview with pictures and recommendations for each waterfall. You just have to decide.

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Experience soothing relaxation in the exclusive ambience of your own four walls. Explore the nature of the region in and around Hahnenklee. And you can also embark on culinary journeys.

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The nature in Hahnenklee, with its lush forests, picturesque hiking trails, clear ponds and lakes, is a true paradise for all nature and outdoor lovers. You too can enjoy this idyll!

Leisure activities

Whether you decide to go hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding or just for a walk in the countryside: In Hahnenklee there are numerous leisure activities waiting for you.


From rustic inns serving traditional Harz cuisine to modern restaurants with international delicacies. The surrounding gastronomy scene offers a wide range of options.